The Workshops

Organizing the ideas, making it possible

Our Goal

To give India´s youth a voice of empowerment through innovative digital media

Our Aspiration

Step 1

Instill through human values the fact that everyone in the world has a voice and something to say with a positive shape

Step 2

Show, using creative tools, different ways of expression focusing the work around film

Step 3

Encourage, through film making the idea to dream big and find a way for a fit/decent future

The Challenge

One step at a time to make a difference

Operational Aims

Create a peaceful, cheerful and non-inhibited environment
Talk about empowerment and stories to encourage the desire to express
Teach basic drama and acting skills through fun activities and roleplaying games
Teach how the equipment works, safety and care-taking methods
Show different roles, duties and create filming teams
Practice different film and story-telling techniques
Live the process of making a short film under our support and supervision


Young people at the age between 14 and 18 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds


5 days workshop from 2 to 5 hours each, depending on circumstances.

Monday: Introductions and games. How the project works and what each child can contribute to it, as well as camera based activity on the beauty of cinema.

Tuesday: Introduction to filming and roles. Games about creativity, thinking and teamwork through a roleplay recreating a news channel as well as a discussion on social issues.

Wednesday: Idea brainstorming. Technical Aspects of Filmmaking. Storyboard making.

Thursday: Filming session following the storyboard. Editing session with the children if time allows.

Friday: Film screening and goodbye event.


Material resources: For each workshop we use 5 HD pocket video cameras, tripods, one laptop, a projector and lots of imagination

Human resources: 1 filmmaker, 1 community worker, 1 indian teacher (english speaker if possible), interpreter (if necessary)

Financial Resources: All the human resources are volunteers, all the workshops and events are free. All the money raised by crowd funding and companies/institutions will be used to pay for equipment, accommodation, food and travel. All the cameras once finished with will be donated back to schools/NGO’s/individuals with the least access to facilities in India.