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“The film workshop that we participated in with Leon and Alba was a very different experience. It was a wonderful way to begin the term. I wish they come back with another workshop to our school again.” Swapna, 16 years

“Watching the sun rise in Munnar and watching the same sun set in Sholai is a wonder; watching films all day back home in Munnar, and then learning how to make a film in Sholai was a miracle. Leon and Alba have started an exciting project called “Voices of India,” which gets children from all over India to learn how to make a film. After a week of workshop, the students who were split into five groups each, made a short film each. We made films on many different topics. Beginning the term by doing something that everyone enjoyed and loved to do, was like a spark that brightly lit our path to education.” Sasi, 17 years

“Alba and Leon came from the UK to teach us about film-making. They showed us the different aspects that go into making a film and they provided us with the necessary equipment and support. It was an unforgettable experience.” Bhanu, 16 years

“It was my first time, yet Leon and Alba managed to teach me, and the rest of us, a lot about filming. We were divided into small groups and asked to conceptualise and execute a film based on any idea of our own. At first we all thought that it would be easy but then we understood the difficulties of filming.” Dinesh, 16 years

“It was a wonderful way to start the term by learning how to make films. It was a one-week workshop conducted by Alba and Leon as part of their project ‘Voices of India’. It was really exciting for the students. All the students were interested in making films. Some students were inspired to think of making films as their profession. It was really exciting to have all of us moving around the school looking for locations for shooting”. Balaji, 17 years.


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