There are many ways to get involved as an individual, as we want to reach as many children as possible in all 28 states of india, we would love for you to join us on the road, fundraise to help us along the way, send us your old cameras that we can give to children in the local schools, donate to our cause, or simply join our mailing list and vote for the childrens’ films.

  • If you wish to join us on the road please visit our volunteer page located in the get involved section.
  • If you wish to fundraise on our behalf please contact us on for a fundraising pack that will give you ideas on raising funds in a creative way, further information on our project as well as information on the current state of education in India.
  • If you wish to send us your cameras or send them directly to the schools we’re visiting, please contact us on By sending your cameras you can leave a lasting legacy with the school as when we move on they are still left with the knowledge and empowerment to use the camera to tell their own individual stories.
  • Simply join our mailing list at the top of the site and in time, vote for the children’s films as the winners will rece
  • If you want to simply donate to our cause please do so via the paypal button oon the right of the page and drop us an email at so we can acknowledge your kindness and send you all kinds of things in return.
  • ive a life changing opportunity.