23 Oct

To make this project possible we need to create funds to finance the journey, we need to source equipment for the children to film on and we need to get these films out to as many people as possible to tell the childrens’ stories.

As a company you can help us in many ways and show your support to Voices of India and the children, dependent on your financial or in-kind investment:

  • We can provide your logo on our website, on the finished films and on our t-shirts.
  • We can mention your help in interviews.
  • We can get the kids to say thank you in a personal video that can be uploaded to your website and mailing lists.
  • We can provide you with a kids pack that involves storyboards that you can get children to fill out and we will get the local kids to make a film with the best and most creative storyboard as voted by you or us.
  • We can reference you on our facebook, twitter and our own mailing lists.
  • We can provide you with articles of our current projects that you can upload to your website or put in company emails and magazines.
  • We can send you a fundraising pack that you can get your staff involved in.
  • We can provide you with training in India for your staff to carry out workshops of your duration in order to promote team work and give something back to the country.