23 Oct

As an NGO, you can understand how hard is to become possible, become real and try to make a difference in your efford. As an NGO’s you can help us in more ways that we can think. We know it’s important to be in constant touch with other NGO and together, try harder to change our world.

So we think that as an NGO’s, you can donate money because every penny counts but we are really interested in talk with you, discover our common path, our golds and help each other to become possible, change our world, and our society.

This is the real challenge and it can’t be possible as an individual strenght, we need to be together because together we are stronger and hopefully strong enough to change minds, strong enought to change this world for real.

To make this project possible we need to create funds to finance the journey, we need to source equipment for the children to film on and we need to get these films out to as many people as possible to tell the childrens’ stories.

We never stop in our fight, we will get the forgotten children message to be eard.

See you soon