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The Project

Searching for our own path in this world

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Invisible Voices

Voices of India is a filming initiative to empower the youth of India and get their messages across. With a rising population of over a billion it is often hard for the children of India to feel their voice can be heard, especially in rural areas that lack even the most basic of facilities. What Voices of India accomplishes is a platform for these children to speak out to the world. Through digital innovative workshops exploring the world of film, empowerment and social issues, as well as the opportunity for the children to create their own short film, Voices of India inspires and educates children growing up in one of the worlds new superpowers.

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Where we go:

Voices of India travels throughout all 28 states of India in order to provide a voice to children, the films made by the children are uploaded to this site where in time, viewers can vote for their favourite films, the top ten films will be judged by a panel of renowned Indian and UK filmmakers and actors where the winners will go on to receive a life changing opportunity to be revealed closer to the date.

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What we use:

The children film on high definition pocket cameras due to their ease of use and size, yet amazing quality. We feel that these cameras can be a lot more personal as they are so hands on and very easy to pick up without any previous camera experience. We also plan to shoot with a couple of gopros as they are so versatile yet again you gain incredible quality. As well as cameras we provide tripods and editing facilities when we conduct the workshops. It is important to us that the films can be of the highest picture quality possible to meet international standards as it helps carry their voice further.

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What they get:

During our workshops the children are given a basic overview of the film industry and the different roles involved, brief acting and drama lessons, creative¬†story writing classes¬†and team skills, before they begin to plan their own films. We also provide a platform for the children to discuss social issues and changes they wish to see in India as well as throughout the world. We really believe the children are the one’s that are going to bring significant changes to India and we encourage them to become advocates for social change. All pre, production and post-production work is under the supervision of Voices of India however they are free to express their voice as creatively as they wish but one thing we do emphasise through our workshops is to try to use this opportunity to think about what they would say to the world, whether this is told through animation, narrative, documentary or abstractly, the choice is theirs. Although the whole process is centered around film, the project will teach many values and life lessons we feel are important for the youth of india and children throughout the world.

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Keep in touch:

Throughout our journey we upload our adventure along with, the children’s films, our short films and news from along the way. You can also follow us on Twitter as well as Facebook and once all the children’s films are uploaded we will start the voting process, so keep in touch and check back from time to time or join our mailing lists.

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