Empowerment through film

These are the short films produced by Voices of India participants. All these films were planned, shot and directed entirely independently by them in different locations from all around India. Most of the participants are from disadvantaged backgrounds and have never used a camera before.

The films are listed by locations:

Tamil Nadu

Yatra Arts Fundation, Auroville
  • Peace
  • Greed is a big loss
  • Mirror

Tamil Nadu

Sholai, Kodaikanal
  • Raj, The story of my brother
  • The Secret Behind Pesticides
  • Ekosystem


Bosco Vikas, Bangalore
  • Bad Things
  • Street Children
  • Son Cheated his mother
  • No Fighting
  • Love Story


Teach For India, Pune
  • Kidnapping

Andhra Pradesh

Timbaktu Collective, C.K. Palli
  • Don't Beat Children
  • Organic Food
  • Don't cut the trees
  • AIDS having person
  • Child Labour


Adhikar, Bhubaneswar
  • Caste Difference
  • Winner never quit
  • Education of the Landlord

Uttar Pradesh

P.V.C.H.R., Varanasi
  • Dowry
  • Gender Discrimination


Hampi’s Children Trust, Hampi (Pilot proyect)
  • Good Children
  • Indian Song